Mr Anthony Fok has been proclaimed as one of Singapore’s five ‘Super Tutor’ by The Sunday Times newspapers and the only Economics one, not without good reason. Qualifications are not everything, but Mr Anthony Fok not only holds an Economics related degree, he also owns two in Education. He is also completing his PhD in Education, focusing on learning environments in Economics. This makes him skilled in the subject and a proficient educator who understands pedagogy and students’ psychology. Moreover, he is dedicated to his job, which he considers his personal dream and passion. He is invested in transforming the lives of students like you who need assistance, coming up with his own methodology and approach to teaching. He does it all at, from lesson materials compiling to delivery because he does not want to compromise quality. He puts in all of his effort and more because he strongly believes that every student who comes for tuition has the potential to excel under his guidance.

Awards and Accolades