Attain Academic Excellence through’s Inclusive Tuition Programme

Introduction proudly presents an all-encompassing tuition programme meticulously crafted to aid students in realizing their academic ambitions. Under the adept guidance of the committed educator, Dr. Anthony Fok, this programme furnishes students with indispensable resources, unwavering support, and expert guidance to excel in the realm of Economics. Emphasizing individual attention, an array of learning materials, and a focus on honing critical thinking skills, is dedicated to propelling students towards the zenith of their academic capabilities.

  1. Personalized Attention and Support: distinguishes itself with its exceptional provision of individualized attention and support from Dr. Anthony Fok. Dr. Fok’s dedication to student success transcends conventional classroom boundaries, as he dedicates extra effort to ensure that each student achieves their academic zenith. Through a patient, attentive, and motivational approach, Dr. Fok has been instrumental in guiding numerous students to surmount academic challenges and cultivate newfound confidence in their academic prowess.
  2. Extensive Learning Resources: The tuition programme goes beyond the norm by offering an abundance of learning resources crafted to complement school notes and enrich students’ comprehension of Economics concepts and skills. These resources encompass comprehensive handouts, meticulously selected case study and essay questions from past papers, and invaluable feedback from school examiners. By furnishing students with pertinent and up-to-date materials, ensures they possess the essential tools to fortify their learning journey.
  3. Developing Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills: A core objective of the tuition programme is to challenge students and nurture the growth of analytical and critical thinking skills. Each lesson is meticulously structured with precise learning outcomes, and students are tasked with challenging assignments designed to assess their mastery of concepts and skills. This approach ensures that students are consistently pushed to broaden their knowledge and capabilities, ultimately culminating in stellar grades in Economics.
  4. Personalized Teaching by Dr. Anthony Fok: To optimize the advantages of the programme, all economics tuition lessons are conducted exclusively by Dr. Anthony Fok himself. This ensures that students benefit from individualized attention and guidance from a seasoned and knowledgeable educator. The deliberately maintained low student-to-teacher ratio fosters a conducive learning environment, allowing students to actively engage with the subject matter. Each 1.5-hour tuition session is meticulously planned, with assigned homework exercises reviewed during lessons to maximize learning outcomes.
  5. Conducive Learning Environment: Acknowledging the paramount importance of a conducive learning setting, ensures that all tuition sessions transpire in air-conditioned rooms equipped with visualisers and projectors. This deliberate setup ensures that students can immerse themselves in their studies within a supportive and comfortable environment, promoting enhanced engagement and understanding of the subject matter.


The economics tuition programme stands as a holistic and efficacious pathway for students aspiring to excel in Economics. With the personalized attention and support extended by Dr. Anthony Fok, coupled with access to a diverse array of top-tier learning resources and a curriculum emphasizing critical thinking skills, students can cultivate mastery over Economics concepts and skills, ultimately attaining outstanding grades in their examinations. is steadfastly dedicated to empowering students to unlock their academic potential and thrive in their Economics studies.